i wish i were more…myself

i've been in the process of writing this post for a while now but the first sentence keeps alluding me. so now that THAT is out of the way, here's the meat: i've moved back to houston and the experience has been... indescribable. I have been happy, happy, happy and then suddenly, really lost and reclusive.… Continue reading i wish i were more…myself

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When i need it most….

You come find me with your blinding rays of warmth & I no longer feel frozen in my bones.

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I see you everywhere i go…

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Blown Away

If i could sum up these first two months of London with a picture, it would be Thomas Barbey's "Blown Away".

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“where are you? where are you going?”

so after the teaser visit to London, I ended up in Karachi to spend some time with the in-laws and mend a somewhat broken heart before the start of my husband's semester in October. It was the absolute best thing that could've happened to my little family since leaving the big bear hug Houstonians wrapped… Continue reading “where are you? where are you going?”



Houston goodbyes left me so drained that the first few days in London felt so uplifting and free and exciting.... and then the homesickness kicked in. The novelty of a new city with no real contacts set in and the shine of London has worn off considerably...still exhilarating to step out into the city everyday… Continue reading teaser.

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the disconnect.

The semester ended and my baby turned 1 at the beginning of May. It was such a momentous occasion for me since many of you know candidly how much I struggled this past year to become comfortable with my new role and though there were natural and unnatural progressions throughout (!), I felt so proud/relieved/a… Continue reading the disconnect.

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on demons…

the last week or two, i've been battling with some personal demons and really letting myself get beat up. i wonder why we are our worst critics...some of the things i have been saying to myself would be considered heinous if said to anyone else. some people causing grief in my life have too much… Continue reading on demons…


nothing makes you feel…

...more like a grown up than having a sick household. Auzi is battling his first cold and though it's not too serious, it is absolutely breaking my heart everytime he struggles to breath or cough with his tiny little chest. on top of that, the husband and i are also battling the same cold. the… Continue reading nothing makes you feel…

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all over the place…

literally...this post will be all over the place...i have so much to update and very little battery time on my laptop...i hate making it bulleted but it's how i roll at 30! 🙂 Hurricane Ike: We finally got power after 9 painfully long days & I'm thrilled, absolutely THRILLED to be back home. We sustained minimal damage… Continue reading all over the place…