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5 Gifts I Always Give to New Moms

I feel like one of the perks of becoming a mother was that I gained all this wisdom (through plenty of trials and tribulations) about weeding out the fluff kiddo products from the ones that are life-changing! There's nothing more fun than buying baby gifts for new moms that may evoke tepid reactions initially but… Continue reading 5 Gifts I Always Give to New Moms

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Natural Asthma Remedies to Ease Symptoms of a Flare-up

Last week, as I was having the best day ever (because my piece was published on Scary Mommy), my little one got sick. My boys both have asthma and their symptoms seem to worsen anytime there's an onset of even the slightest of colds. Short of keeping them in a bubble, I do everything I… Continue reading Natural Asthma Remedies to Ease Symptoms of a Flare-up

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5 Stages For Every Parent Whose Kid Wants to Grow-up and Become a Professional Youtuber

Inevitably, my kid declared that he too was going to grow up and become a Minecraft youtuber.

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Eid Mubarak

Another year of fasting and feasting is over. Trying to recreate our  childhood memories for our kiddos may sometimes be futile but the joy and excitement of money envelopes and treat boxes continues to remain timeless. 🤗


Bad Mother Day(s)

So the new job started this week and has been AMAZING in every aspect that I could have asked for. My boss is one of those amazingly strong wonder women who walk around spurting inspiration without any effort, it is such a  blessing to have a mentor in her. I have one of my oldest… Continue reading Bad Mother Day(s)


i wish i were more…myself

i've been in the process of writing this post for a while now but the first sentence keeps alluding me. so now that THAT is out of the way, here's the meat: i've moved back to houston and the experience has been... indescribable. I have been happy, happy, happy and then suddenly, really lost and reclusive.… Continue reading i wish i were more…myself

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When i need it most….

You come find me with your blinding rays of warmth & I no longer feel frozen in my bones.

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An exception….

Everything in England is smaller than Texas.... The cars, the homes, the people, the meals BUT as I encountered my first bout of winter sickness last week, I finally found an exception.


Things along the way…

"We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars in the dust." -Rumi    

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I see you everywhere i go…