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I’m a freelancer writer covering beats in parenting, Muslim-Americans, feminists, south-asian literature, mental health & immigrants.



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7 thoughts on “About

  1. I loved Archie growing up! I remember every weekend my mom would take me to the newspaper store/stand and let me get two comic books and a kind of candy!

    Mmmm, hazelnuts!

  2. hijabi – let’s do a product-obsessed post of sorts!

    farida – whatever, you’re the style guru through and through!

    mayya – haha, i love the way you express yourself! so what does someone say when weed is their weed? 😉

    chickpea – sigh…to be young and wanting to be a veronica when you secretly knew you were a betty!

  3. interesting….am with u on #1 🙂
    got ur link from samosa’s. but i see that ur blog’s privatized.

  4. yep, thats the sara i recall…the beauty products infact remind me of you every time i drop by este lauder or mac or clinique lol. funny how that an nutella always summons a sara thought haha!!!!

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