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Around the world in 80 clicks (..or for the love of the boy)

So the fabulous mama jammie tagged me to list the 5 best things about motherhood. what a great day for this b/c i am just heedy in love with Auzan right's immensely fulfilling as i've finally figured out ways to be myself and a mother over the last 11.5 months. So here goes.. 1)… Continue reading Around the world in 80 clicks (..or for the love of the boy)

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weekend pictures

Auzan has started this adorable little Episcopilian school near our house and it's been great for him.  There are 3 fabulous teachers and Auzi is only going 2 days a week for 5 hours each and seems to really enjoy the play time and activities and reading circle and especially painting! Last week they had… Continue reading weekend pictures

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all over the place…

literally...this post will be all over the place...i have so much to update and very little battery time on my laptop...i hate making it bulleted but it's how i roll at 30! 🙂 Hurricane Ike: We finally got power after 9 painfully long days & I'm thrilled, absolutely THRILLED to be back home. We sustained minimal damage… Continue reading all over the place…