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“where are you? where are you going?”

so after the teaser visit to London, I ended up in Karachi to spend some time with the in-laws and mend a somewhat broken heart before the start of my husband's semester in October. It was the absolute best thing that could've happened to my little family since leaving the big bear hug Houstonians wrapped… Continue reading “where are you? where are you going?”

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Catching a piece of the sunset…

Another day draws to a close with less than a week left...hopefully this tightening in my chest will ease once I'm finally on a plane...

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across the pond.

So we've sold both cars, rented out the home, and started a mad shuffle to organize and arrange our entire lives into Houston storage, London immediate, London priority 2, Pakistan survival (lots of kiddo supplies here have us at 3 boxes --> 150 lbs. <-- already! We just bought our tickets to London, leave in… Continue reading across the pond.