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across the pond.

So we’ve sold both cars, rented out the home, and started a mad shuffle to organize and arrange our entire lives into Houston storage, London immediate, London priority 2, Pakistan survival (lots of kiddo supplies here have us at 3 boxes –> 150 lbs. <– already! We just bought our tickets to London, leave in 5 short weeks and I’m not prepared on any level  to say goodbye to Houston. at all.

3 thoughts on “across the pond.

  1. what? what? what? you’re moving to Pakistan?
    good to have you blogging again. god luck with the move, hope everything is smooth!

    1. Hey Mona, thanks for the well-wishes! We are actually moving to London but spending a few weeks in Karachi first!

      I love seeing all the updates and pics of your kids- they are growing so beautifully!

  2. ooh, london! should be fun. i hope you’ll continue to blog regularly from there 🙂

    it will be great fun reading about your adventures!

    thanks sara. how’s Auz?

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