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the disconnect.

The semester ended and my baby turned 1 at the beginning of May. It was such a momentous occasion for me since many of you know candidly how much I struggled this past year to become comfortable with my new role and though there were natural and unnatural progressions throughout (!), I felt so proud/relieved/a little shocked to have made it through the toughest (and by far the most blessed) year of my life thus far.

Shortly there-after, my son became really ill and though I really don’t want to go further into the details, he is fine now but I think the husband and I are scarred for life. Since then,  i have spent the last several months with my healthy beautiful family, living in the real world and cultivating rich memories. I’m going to take it as a reminder from God to remember the tiny blessings that I never appreciate when all is running smoothly. when all is said and done and i am lying on my death bed, i hope my heart has become a vessel for all the love that has touched me and all the love that i have been able to touch and no room is left (or needed) for anger, pettiness or regret. Ameen.

Thank you again for your generous concern and i sincerely hope all of you are getting along beautifully.

4 thoughts on “the disconnect.

  1. I am so glad Auzi’s ok….zoey was hospitalised when she was 20 days old….i remember a bit of me dying that very day…kids should just never get ill….good to see you back in the blogging world!

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