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Around the world in 80 clicks (..or for the love of the boy)

So the fabulous mama jammie tagged me to list the 5 best things about motherhood. what a great day for this b/c i am just heedy in love with Auzan right now…it’s immensely fulfilling as i’ve finally figured out ways to be myself and a mother over the last 11.5 months. So here goes..

1) i love the smell of my baby. it never gets old and still leaves me dizzy with the strangest love-high that i’ve ever experienced. it can’t be explained in words and i don’t think other children smell THIS good (though they all smell adorably enough)…I think it’s a very primative thing that our dna is just chemically triggered to respond to.

2) i love the morning snoozes when auzi wakes up and we bring him to our bed b/c it’s still too early to start the day. He’ll first snuggle with me for a while and then wander over to his daddy.

3) i love the mom-comradarie that i never even knew existed before. mothers are soooo good to each other whether it’s helping you load your car full of groceries as you strap the kiddo in the carseat, or unabashedly complimenting a particular teaching style, etc. Mommies came out of the woodworks and constantly peppered me with encouragement and hope that i so desperately needed the beginning .

4) I love the layers that come with motherhood. you become so much more vulnerable and yet so much stronger. babies change you for the better and teach you the most wondrous things in our day to day lives. it’s like having a newfound second perspective and anytime we can find more appreciation in our lives, it’s a good thing. this point is all over the place but i think what i’m trying to say is that babies make you better people, your heart heals and your pain lessens and you laugh more and …you get to do this all this while growing a baby!

5) i love the boy. that’s simply why i did it. i had a baby b/c the boy i loved wanted to. and now i have the honor of raising his little boy. and for the love of the boy, the oxygen changed, the atmosphere saturated, and i was able to bring a miraculously perfect auzi into our world.

5 thoughts on “Around the world in 80 clicks (..or for the love of the boy)

  1. So you haven’t replied my e-mail but Sara says you are ok, so I am relived.

    I guess this means you don’t want to talk?

    In any case I’ll call you in the next few weeks Inshallah.


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