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all over the place…

literally…this post will be all over the place…i have so much to update and very little battery time on my laptop…i hate making it bulleted but it’s how i roll at 30! 🙂

Hurricane Ike:

  • We finally got power after 9 painfully long days & I’m thrilled, absolutely THRILLED to be back home.
  • We sustained minimal damage to my parents house as well as ours. Looking at all the damage on TV, I feel so petty to have complained about having no power.
  • If you haven’t seen enough scary pictures, you can check out this slideshow for a taste of how my beloved city was battered along with galveston
  • I am still without internet access or television (HEROES!!) so it’s still taking time to get back into the regular..especially when the regular consists of working from home.


  • My son is giving me more happiness on a daily basis than is measurable. Some days I have very morbid thoughts that this is how they play a happy family before armageddon hits. 😦
  • He’s teething now and chews on every thing in sight. It’s the most heart-breaking experience to hold his hot body when he’s really hurting and just wants to lie listlessly in my arms.
  • Auzan has officially finangled (sp? who has time for spell check!? MY BATTERY JUICE IS RUNNING) his way in our bed and we’ve stopped trying to get him back to his nursery…it’s insanely intoxicating how he loves to cuddle with us while sleeping.
  • Auzi now ROLLS OVER on his tummy and then back again on his back…i can’t imagine how quickly this change took place and how often he likes to show us this.
  • His favorite things include bath time when he repeatedly tries to grab the stream of water and then looks at us with puzzlement and betrayal at why he can’t. Also going for walks in his stroller…he just drinks up everything he sees and never gets bored. And he says “gheeeeeeeeeeeee” when he’s very pleased with something and laughs when we repeat it as if he’s finally taught us something.


  • Is going incredibly well given that the semester has to be shuffled a bit b/c everyone was out of commission the past week and a half.
  • I’m contemplating not returning next Spring so that I can spend my days with Auzi without the constant stress of “work to do” nagging at me. Then I think about how much I enjoy going to campus for staff meetings and dressing like a human for a day! Plus, I spend so much more money on goodies for myself and Auzi when I’m working…this is my own doing b/c I just can’t help but feel less guilty about buying $18 organic body lotion from England for my baby when I’m bringing in money. Plus I get paid really well for someone who only in to the “office/campus” for a few hours a week. I dunno…

The 3-0:

  • I wish I had more time to contemplate this but in the middle of evacuating and staying at my mom’s, it never quite hit me that i’ve left my 20s…we’re doing a redo hopefully this weekend so once I feel THIRTY, I will make sure to jot a few things down about what this means to me.

4 thoughts on “all over the place…

  1. haha love the post. I turned 25 2 days ago and suddenly the childhood getting over with part is beginning to set in and the confusions I had at 22, even 24 are beginning to clear off in my head.
    Waiting for ramadhan brain-deadness and exhaustion to end before I can pen my 2 and a half decade pointeers down.
    much love

  2. Dude, I say Mashallah x100 for all your happiness, accomplishments and blessings. It’s so nice to see a good Person be blessed with so much and so much wisdom. Oh, and you will know when you hit 31, that the 30s are pretty darn sexy and cool. Something about being a woman in her 30s, its a new kind of mysterious vibe. Heck you probably know now how cool 30 is.


  3. Wow! Subhanallah I did not realize you were in Hurricane Ike-territory! My mom’s flight was delayed when she came for Zach’s birth because of Ike (she’s in Louisiana) and my BFF didn’t have power for the longest time (she’s in Houston). I’m so happy you and Auzi are safe.

    I am in the same boat as far as having the little one in bed with us. I was so ANTI co-sleeping but honey let me tell you that’s how I get the most rest and Zach is happy so ya know.

    I totally agree with Farida regarding sexy 30s! I just turned 34 10/18 and I feel pretty darn cute ;).

    ma’a salaamah,


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