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intense morning…

of all the ways i imagined spending this morning, “hunkering down” was not one of them. So I officially turn 30 years old in 12 minutes and we’re in the midst of evacuating our home and heading south to Sugar Land for my mom’s. Ike has become a mammoth of a storm and we even considered evacuating to Dallas but couldn’t find a place to stay and all the hotels/motels are overbooked already. Having this hurricane loom overhead is so different when you’re a mother with a child to protect…we’re more anxious than we’d like to admit and trying to prepare as best as possible for being without electricity or flooding conditions.

so how does it feel to be on the other side of 30? full of responsibility and hope….i mean, if there’s one thing we’re not doing, it’s celebrating in a quite manner, right? 🙂 lots to say, even more to do. send us some calm karma.

7 thoughts on “intense morning…

  1. Salams and Happy 30th CHica!
    May Allah bless you with tons of goodness this year, Inshallah.

    You should totally come to Dallas, and stay with us. It will be awesome!

    I’m so sorry I missed your call. I was out of commission yesterday.

    Inshallah, all will be well. Keeping you all in my prayers today.

    You can come here! Now get on 45 and drive 😉

    Love ya’ and hope to talk to you soon!

  2. hey sara!!

    hope ure doing well and safe inshaAllah. I’ve got tons of family in the area and some are without electricity.. praying that you’re all doing ok inshaAllah.

    update us whenever u can!

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