nothing makes you feel…

…more like a grown up than having a sick household. Auzi is battling his first cold and though it’s not too serious, it is absolutely breaking my heart everytime he struggles to breath or cough with his tiny little chest. on top of that, the husband and i are also battling the same cold. the last 3 days have been exhausting and i’ve found myself remininscing about being sick and having my mom nurture me back to health. what a big change when you have a little one and your own health is the last thing on your mind as you tackle his sniffles with more ferocity than you have the energy for.  yes i want him to get better more than anything else…but there’s a corner of my mind that really does not want to be the mommy or the adult and instead just take refuge in bed and have somebody bring me khichri and chamomile tea every few hours until i’m ready to join the human race again.

8 thoughts on “nothing makes you feel…

  1. hey early recovery wishes for your household, especially the little baby. Me and my friends swear by vitamin water when we fall ill, try the one called “revive” helped me immensely! (for you, probably not for the baby)

  2. Awwwww, get better soon Inshallah little Auzi! And i hope you and hubby feel better too! Do you have a humidifier in his room? It helps with respiratory infections, dryness etc… Maybe times have changed but it seems like my nephew and niece grew up in a mist filled room and they very rarely had flus.

    Love love,

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