Late lunch.

Impromptu late-lunch w/the siblings = happy tummy & aching <3.

burning out


of all the things i'm going to miss, i'll miss you you you you the most.


You know you’re in Sugar Land when…

...when billboards bust out with the Urdu/Hindi lingo...

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He has a system…

Lately, Auzi likes to spend hours arranging & lining up his beloved cars--making his OCD-prone mama so proud.


Walking to the park at 8am…

It's the last week at our place & we've had to start saying goodbyes to all of our little daily routines... Quick evening trips to the zoo, gym classes at the YMCA and the little dude's beloved morning walks to the park. Til we meet again dear super-neighborhood...


I have too much stuff…


Why i love houston…

No matter the humidity, always glorious skies.

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and i love this video!

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across the pond.

So we've sold both cars, rented out the home, and started a mad shuffle to organize and arrange our entire lives into Houston storage, London immediate, London priority 2, Pakistan survival (lots of kiddo supplies here have us at 3 boxes --> 150 lbs. <-- already! We just bought our tickets to London, leave in… Continue reading across the pond.

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the disconnect.

The semester ended and my baby turned 1 at the beginning of May. It was such a momentous occasion for me since many of you know candidly how much I struggled this past year to become comfortable with my new role and though there were natural and unnatural progressions throughout (!), I felt so proud/relieved/a… Continue reading the disconnect.