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15 Books That Will Teach Your Kids About Empathy

Children are like sponges, and in order for them to learn how to become compassionate and understanding human beings, it's essential to nurture their sense of kindness. Read more...

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Food Allergy Anxiety Is a Serious Problem For Kids — Here’s How You Can Help

Fears in children can manifest as a constant worry of accidentally eating something they're allergic to and suffering the inevitable and dreaded reaction, such as hives or difficulty breathing. 

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Natural Asthma Remedies to Ease Symptoms of a Flare-up

Last week, as I was having the best day ever (because my piece was published on Scary Mommy), my little one got sick. My boys both have asthma and their symptoms seem to worsen anytime there's an onset of even the slightest of colds. Short of keeping them in a bubble, I do everything I… Continue reading Natural Asthma Remedies to Ease Symptoms of a Flare-up

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5 Stages For Every Parent Whose Kid Wants to Grow-up and Become a Professional Youtuber

Inevitably, my kid declared that he too was going to grow up and become a Minecraft youtuber.