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10 Signs You’re Healthy — Regardless of What the Scale Says

When most of us think about our health, we seem to focus on our weight alone and where we may fall on the BMI index.  Read more... 

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20 Great Idioms That Will Interest and Entertain Your Kids

Teaching your kids things like how to read, write, and understand words doesn't have to be boring! You can use things like idioms, which are groups of words that come together and establish a new meaning different from the definition of the individual words.  Read more...

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The 6 Most Important Tax Deductions Every Parent Should Know

Spring is so close we can almost feel it (almost), which only means one thing: tax season is upon us!  Read more....

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15 Books That Will Teach Your Kids About Empathy

Children are like sponges, and in order for them to learn how to become compassionate and understanding human beings, it's essential to nurture their sense of kindness. Read more...

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Food Allergy Anxiety Is a Serious Problem For Kids — Here’s How You Can Help

Fears in children can manifest as a constant worry of accidentally eating something they're allergic to and suffering the inevitable and dreaded reaction, such as hives or difficulty breathing.